Bar, Bookcase, or Buffet: Bland to Bronze!

That’s a lot of b’s, but this project turned out really well. The poor, unloved thing started out as someone else’s mistake (boo-boo, if you need another b or two).

MCM bar before

It was a mid-century bookcase made from thick, solid wood, with an ugly yellow oak veneer that was flaking off in places. Someone had plastered the inside with black vinyl contact paper. Maybe it was that same design genius that used black spray paint in spots where the horrible vinyl was coming off. Looking through all that yuk, I could see a mid-century styled bar or buffet, and a very nicely-sized one at that.

So I sanded and filled the bad veneer, pulled off the vinyl, plugged and filled the gigantic hole in the back, and painted it, front and back, inside and out, in bronze and black. I lined the drawer with black felt, polished up the brass and oak knobs, put a glass shelf in, and finished it with a light for sparkle.

MCM bookcase front

MCM bookcase knob

MCM bookcase drawer

Wouldn’t it be perfect in a smaller dining room for a buffet, the corner of a living room or study as a bar with martini glasses in it, or as a very elegant lighted bookcase, as it is shown here? Check my offerings section for this and other pieces.



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