Quatrefoil Dresser: Pretty Fantastic in Pink

As a kid, I always loved Legos. My dad insisted on short hair and brown leather lace-up shoes for my sister and me. I never wore a single dress in high school. I don’t particularly like sappy movies or chick flicks–give me a good spy thriller any day. I didn’t have any daughters; I have three sons. So, why is my favorite color pink? I have pink sweaters, pink shoes (yay), pink shirts, and even a pink skirt that I actually wear.

Now, I have a pink dresser. But it’s not for me, ironically. It was kind of pink when I found it. That deep, glossy burgundy that sometimes looks brown:

quatrefoil before

Boring, scuffed, peeling. But hit it with my favorite color, pink, and it takes on a whole different persona.

Quatrefoil dresser

Add a quatrefoil, hand-painted white swirls shadowed with grey, a spot for a monogram, and it’s almost irresistible. What lady, young or old, wouldn’t want this delicious berry colored piece in her bedroom? Well, pink haters, I guess, but forget about them. This one is too cute.

Quatrefoil Dresser Top Detail

Quatrefoil Dresser Side

UPDATE July, 2013: This gorgeous pink piece went to a young lady in Texas, who asked that I paint her initial on the quatrefoil. I was happy to make this her own!

DSC_0588 (2)

This piece is featured on the popular Project Nursery blog!
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19 thoughts on “Quatrefoil Dresser: Pretty Fantastic in Pink

  1. Hi Leslie: I think this is a piece that showcases your unique gifts as a painter. Lots of people paint furniture and if we want to communicate a unique style, we ought to look at what God has made us to do well… in your case (my humble opinion) your a wonderful painter of 2-D art. To translate that to 3-D functional pieces is what distinguishes you. Well done!


  2. This is just sooooo darling! I know my daughter would love for me to do this to her dresser, but I know her dad would not allow me to paint his grandparents bedroom set that she’s inherited.


  3. Hi,
    This dresser is absolutely beautiful! I’ve always been a firm believer in leaving wood as the wood but more and more I’m liking the painted look. And it’s something like this that helps me along.
    I also am a pink lover. More of a tomboy all my life but, like you, I like pink and wear it with pride.
    Unless it’s a deep, dark secret what colours, brand and sheens did you use on the entire dresser? The quatrefoil is stunning and the idea of a momogram is certainly unique.
    Hope to hear from you soon,


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