Little Black Dress(er): Worn With Pearls

Black is the new black; it’s always classic. Everyone looks good in it, including furniture. This dresser had such a good figure that black would only complement it further, so black she became. Here’s how she started:

Little Black Dresser Before

Simple, elegant, great bones. Solid maple, no veneer. In her ’50s, I would guess. Unattractive hardware, even worse color. All characteristics that make it perfect for a new outfit. So, I put her in black, but every little black dress needs the proper accessories. And what goes best with a little black dress? A necklace of pearls–large, shimmery, white pearls.

Little Black Dresser with Pearls4

Now this cute little dresser looks elegant, sharp, and finished. The hardware has touches of gold, and the pearls have subtle hues of green, pink and shadow grey. Not too fussy, and with a sense of humor!

Little Black Dresser with Pearls2

Little Black Dresser with Pearls3

Original Painting by L. Howard, “Mountain Lake”.
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5 thoughts on “Little Black Dress(er): Worn With Pearls

  1. Great job – I love that you’ve thought outside the box and came up with something different adding the “pearls”. By the way, I’m visiting via the link party over at Domestically Speaking.


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