Copper Show Stoppers: Instant Impact

Wood and metal are such studies in contrast. Warm wood, cold metal. Wood gives, metal resists. Wood dampens sound, metal amplifies it. Most of the furniture pieces I do are made of wood, and my paint treatments do wonders for them. Sometimes, a painted wood piece lacks a little pizazz on its own, and metal comes to the rescue!

Take this piece–very functional, solid, neutral, and appealing.

Mid Century Bookcase, Bar or Buffet $275
Mid Century Bookcase, Bar or Buffet

But I wanted it to have more impact. And, I seemed to have some sheet copper lying around my garage. So what to do? Cut the copper to fit and install it in the too-neutral painted piece for instant impact. Wow.

MCM bar buffet

Here’s another example: a finely crafted antique fireplace mantel. Fashioned from heart pine boards a hundred years ago, this warm, wonderful wooden piece had ambered, as old pine does, and lost its lustre and detail.

Heart Pine Fireplace Mantel before

A new, lightly distressed, charcoal paint treatment brings out the egg and dart moulding, corner curves, and linear detailing, and makes it much more beautiful. But the impact truly arrives with a piece of raw copper inset into the opening.

Charcoal Fireplace Mantel

Oooooo. Now it’s not just a mantel, but a statement piece with instant warmth that doesn’t even need a fireplace. Opposites do attract!

Charcoal Fireplace Mantel 3

Charcoal Fireplace Mantel 2

Marbleized floorcloth by me.
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You can find these pieces in my shop.


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