Super Sale: Buy A Dresser, Get a Horse

When you buy a dresser from a Craigslist seller, you get a horse. No, really, I know it’s hard to believe, but you do. We all have our Craigslist stories, and this one is fairly hilarious. I laugh whenever I see my horse.

When I called the seller, she seemed to be a little slow on the uptake, but I tried to be understanding. Maybe she was tired. When I met her at her storage unit, she was actually quite inebriated. She looked normal, but she smelled like a distillery. Her eyes were glazed, and she talked a lot, only slowly. It was 1:00 in the afternoon. Okay, I’m just underexposed to this sort of thing, I guess.

But there was the dresser, and I had already painted it in my mind. Also in the storage unit were open boxes of her belongings, some of which were actually quite cool, including an old Barbie-sized leather-covered horse that my wandering eyes laid upon immediately, which is odd because I don’t like Barbies or horses. It was a little beat up, but it was looking at me with its half-closed eyes. Sort of like its owner. I checked out the dresser and paid quickly because the woman was telling my husband how “beautiful” I was. Huh?? My husband looked down and said “Oh, look at that horse!” She immediately said, “You can have it!” What?! I was afraid my husband would refuse it, so, quick as a flash, I picked it up and thanked her. Score! At this point it was really time to load the dresser and go. But I had my horse! And my dresser!

Here’s what I left with:

Garland Dresser Before

Worth enduring the odd seller, huh? At this point, the finished reveal seems almost anti-climactic. I layered it with two colors of milk paint and it turned out really well, I think. I named the piece Garland Dresser, after the gorgeous polished brass hardware that the seller had tried to charge extra for, and it does the horse proud. Not to mention the goose.

Garland Dresser

Garland Dresser 3

Garland Dresser 2

And the horse? I named it Susan, after the seller. I hope she’s not reading this. Neigh.


Update, 8/12/13:  Last weekend, at the very first Brocante Vintage Market opening, this dresser was purchased two minutes after the doors opened by a shopper who had seen it the night before at the preview party. Apparently, she came racing in with her baby in a stroller to get there before anyone else could purchase it first! How fun is that?!

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