Stormy Skies Dresser: Distressed Delight

Normally, I have somewhat of a plan for a piece of furniture, which is what allows me to start it in the first place. This one was to be very simple, with the emphasis on the inside: a pull-out drawer that becomes a desk top. It evolved into something fairly complex! This is the start–a basic brown dresser, scratched and nicked, and in a little disrepair:


The first color I used, a very bright light blue, looked really odd to me, so I set the piece aside for a while. Then I got another plan and painted over it with a patina green. No, that didn’t look right, either. So, later still, the dresser got a final coat of a soft grey, and that, to me, was kind of boring. Hopeless, I thought. What to do? I thought I would sand it back down to the wood because it just had too much paint on it and was too thick in some places. So as I began sanding, some really neat effects began to show, and I was actually loving the result. I don’t usually distress this heavily, but with this piece, I was able to see the appeal. So I kept going and ended up with this really pretty and interesting dresser:

hidden desk dresser 2

Coppery colored vintage pulls went really well with the colors, and I highlighted the inside of the hidden desk with light green and turquoise as an additional unexpected element. What began as an exercise in futility resulted in a gorgeous, colorful, appealing piece of useful art!

hidden desk

hidden desk dresser 3

The nicest aspect of the whole thing is that, even with the too-dark photos, this dresser was in my shop listings for only a day before the buyer snapped it up and drove 7 hours to pick it up! There seemed to be a plan all along…

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