Mid-Century to Hollywood Regency: Just Add Bamboo

I don’t even remember which piece I went to pick up at a picker’s warehouse one day, but I knew it would happen. I would buy something else, too. It always happens. I can rarely just stick to the plan. So I ended up with a smallish mid-century cube type of dresser that was very plain, stuck on four of those pointy mid-century legs, sporting odd hardware. It looked like a box, and was somewhat appealing, to me, anyway, because I like boxes, but I was not sure what I was going to do with it.

I even forgot to take a photo of it before I started working on it. My first try was not successful: I hated it. No photo for you of that embarrassment! But, I sanded it back down, painted it pink and white, replaced the pointy legs with casters, and drew a blank on the hardware. Usually, I use the original hardware, but these were open circles with worn copper plating and didn’t fit in with anything in my mind.

I remembered two gilded, worn-out bamboo shaped-wood frames hanging on the wall that I had been saving for some project I had not thought of yet, and the light bulb lit above my head. Cutting a few sections out of the frames and painting them glossy white gave me my hint of Hollywood Regency that went so well with my pink. They attached perfectly to the little cube, and make the best handles. I wished I had two now, one for either side of the bed.

Pink Bamboo Dresser

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One thought on “Mid-Century to Hollywood Regency: Just Add Bamboo

  1. How clever to use a frame for those drawer pulls!
    I like the way you put that you were saving the frames for a project you hadn’t thought of yet. I have all sorts of things in waiting for not-yet-thought-of projects. It’s so fun when the light bulb pops on and suddenly that dusty old thing you’ve been hanging on to gets a second chance.
    I’m thinking of old frames (and I have a lot) in a whole new way…


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