Retro Rejuvenated: The Hot Pink Dresser

I admired this terrific retro dresser for months. It was priced too high for me, but obviously for everyone else, too, at a thrift shop I frequent. When it finally went half-price, I decided it was time.

pink dresser before

Bland and baby-room-ish, I planned to go to the opposite extreme with one of my favorite luscious, saturated colors: hot pink. The inserts became bright orange, and the knobs were changed out for a sweeter statement.

Hot Pink Dresser 4

Hot Pink Dresser 2

Hot Pink Dresser

With or without the mirror, it looks like candy, don’t you think?
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3 thoughts on “Retro Rejuvenated: The Hot Pink Dresser

  1. Wow. Now that is cool. So glad to see someone else isn’t afraid to use color. And those orange inserts,,,,,genius! Would you mind sharing the brand of paint??? Thanks!


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