Drexel Faux Bamboo China Cabinet: Gray and Gold Glam

This makeover is so me. It was a great price at the thrift store, so even though it was monstrously heavy, I could see it finished in my mind, so it came home with me. This is what it looked like:


Very brown. Very dull. Only one flaw–the exposed wood under the chipped carving on the bottom left door–an easy fix.

Prep was time consuming, though. All the glass panels had to come out, piece entirely sanded–all the grooves and carvings, inside and out. I sprayed the beautiful gray, then hand painted all the gold accents, and then sprayed a nice glossy finish. Replacing the cleaned glass panels meant making new painted wood stops, mitred and tacked, for each panel inside to replace the old brown rubber stops. But the result? If you like vintage furniture, Hollywood Regency style, it’s really breathtaking.

Version 2

Drexel Faux Bamboo Cabinet City Girl Arts



Such a satisfying a result. Such a nice piece. It’s in my Etsy shop.



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