South Beach Inspired: The Blue and White Dresser

Okay, so I may not know when to say when. I probably held on way too long to the pink and orange color combination that I loved so much. No one else did. 😦 Actually, I should say that it was favored many times on Etsy, and got many nice comments on the original post and on facebook, but remained unpurchased. That is the telltale sign. I finally got it.

I thought this would be a great color combination. No one else did.
I thought this would be a great color combination. No one else did.

So, after a trip to Miami, I was inspired by the sun-bleached colors and the architecture of the South Beach area to repaint this pink piece blue and white. Now it’s a soothing, glossy, sea blue and white piece with the great original knobs.

How do you like me now?!
How do you like me now?!

South Beach Dresser3

South Beach Dresser2

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Mirrored Bar Cart: A Reflection of Hospitality, Beauty, and Time

Picture yourself at a party. There’s the hostess, with a smiling bright face, leading you to a cart brimming with luscious cool drinks and adult beverages for you. Picture a big lucite ice bucket with silver tongs. Lemonade in a big pitcher. Then look down at the cart.


Yuk. You suddenly lost your desire to partake of anything on that cart. But wait! You whip out your mitre saw and your paint and your glass cutter, and, in no time at all, you have this!

mirrored bar cart1

Ha! I wish I could have waved a magic wand and mirrored all those panels in an instant. Cutting mirror, I discovered, is not as easy as it looks! It takes a lot of cutting to get just the right size panels. You think you’ve measured, but your hand moves, just a bit. Ooops. Start over.

And what’s with that fake-slate formica under those hinged top panels? Can’t keep that. Rip those off. Take more time. Need to build a new top–mitre the wood, with ledges and gallery rails. More time. Oh, and paint it aqua! Yes! Many coats for perfection. Done!

Longest running project ever, but it turned out so pretty. Put an ice bucket on it now! Better yet, a glass of wine will do nicely.

mirrored bar cart 4

mirrored bar cart 3

mirrored bar cart 2

mirrored bar cart1

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Abandoned to Ahhhmazing: The 1965 Henredon Sofa

Oh, oh, oh. Something catches my eye. In the sea of lumpy, ugly sofas, she stood out: demure, refined, faded. There she was, in a thrift shop, abandoned by her former owner.

I can imagine the relatives, carting out Great Grandma’s sofa, the one she sat on only on Sundays, when they came to visit. No one else must have been allowed to sit on her. The kids might get their sticky, grubby hands on her icy blue crushed velvet.

Great Grandma must have loved that sofa, the one she bought in 1965, in the expensive furniture store, because it was in the very best condition that a 48-year old sofa could be.

A few nicks and dents scarred the wood, where pearl-wearing GG might have crossed her stilletto-clad heels against the base as she clutched her cocktail and laughed at Great Grandfather’s jokes. She must have religiously vacuumed the cushions with her new Electrolux and its upholstery attachment. Over the years, the sun faded and discolored the gorgeous velvet, but not one stain marred her pristine appearance.

Oh, Henredon! A toast to you, and your effortless, timeless style! Because when I found her, I knew right away she was quality, and when I lifted the seat cushion, there was the label. My heart leaped! A vintage Henredon sofa, in a thrift store!

I tried to convince myself to walk away from her. I didn’t need her. I even went home and tried to forget. But the next morning, I panicked and called the store. They said she was still there. Of course, I went back. She was now mine:

Henredon Sofa Before

I debated whether I should change her outfit, but my very stylish hair stylist insisted that she really wanted a new dress. And, I did want to keep her, because, well, how often does something like this come along? I mean, when your good friend suggests that you should name a child Henry because of your vintage Henredon obsession, you don’t pass such a treasure on, even for money.

It took several months to find the perfect fabric and the perfect upholsterer. I painted the base a semi-gloss white for a much more glamorous look. Now she is stunning. See for yourself!

1965 Henredon Sofa 2

1965 Henredon Sofa 4

1965 Henredon Sofa 3

She’s going in my “sitting room,” where no one but me will be allowed to sit on her, and only on Sundays. Mr. City Girl, would you please be a love and bring me a cocktail? Thanks so much!

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The Perfect Upholsterer: Ken Chambers, Suncoast Upholstery
I can say only amazing things about his skill. If you are even remotely near St. Petersburg, please call him.



Faux Bamboo China Cabinet: Ick to Idyllic

I always wanted a piece of furniture in faux bamboo. Hollywood Regency, it’s called, and can look very glamorous in the right setting. So I have kept my eye out in my thrifting adventures for just the right piece. So, imagine how fun it was to find, in a yard sale, a very simple, almost completely perfect, although very dirty, faux bamboo china cabinet. When I walked up to look at it, the old guy immediately slashed the price on it in half. I took that as a yes!

bamboo china cabinet before

Everything was original to the 1960’s piece. All three glass shelves had the plate groove. All the pulls, lights, drawers, hinges, everything, worked great. Nothing to replace or repair, except the electrical cord for the lights inside. Ripe for paint! Of course, I thought, it has to be black, to me the most elegant of Hollywood Regency colors. So that’s what I did.

bamboo china cabinet front

It took forever, but I made believers out of my husband and several friends who were more than a little dubious. I could used my spray gun to get the smooth sides, but there were so many touch ups because of the textures. When the hardware got clean, it had a warm, copper tone to it, so I chose copper for all the hand-painted bamboo joints. Light glints off them in a wonderful way, giving the cabinet lots of interest.


bamboo china cabinet top

Check it out in my Etsy shop. (SOLD)