South Beach Inspired: The Blue and White Dresser

Okay, so I may not know when to say when. I probably held on way too long to the pink and orange color combination that I loved so much. No one else did. 😦 Actually, I should say that it was favored many times on Etsy, and got many nice comments on the original post and on facebook, but remained unpurchased. That is the telltale sign. I finally got it.

I thought this would be a great color combination. No one else did.
I thought this would be a great color combination. No one else did.

So, after a trip to Miami, I was inspired by the sun-bleached colors and the architecture of the South Beach area to repaint this pink piece blue and white. Now it’s a soothing, glossy, sea blue and white piece with the great original knobs.

How do you like me now?!
How do you like me now?!

South Beach Dresser3

South Beach Dresser2

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Tur-key to Tur-quoise: Antique Oak Dining Table

My husband comes up with most of these titles. He’s quite punny.

This table was part of a package deal. A buffet I spotted on Craigslist that had me salivating came with this non-matching beat-up table. I always think it’s odd when sellers refuse to separate pieces (and risk losing a sale), even though the buyer might have no intention of keeping them together. I tend to wonder if the seller intends to visit his pieces someday to make sure they are still keeping each other company.

I agreed to this arrangement because the table had lots of curvy legs that I thought might look good in a wild color. First thing I had to do was remove the 1/8 inch thick layer of gloppy ambered polyurethane that had accumulated over the years on the tabletop. Here’s the before, under the shroud of shame (paint stripper cover):

photo 2 (1)

Since I didn’t have the leaves, the sliders were useless, so I removed them. This made the table a little lighter and easier to manipulate. When I put the two halves back together, they dowel into each other and lock with a lever.

Milk paint was the perfect treatment for this piece. The legs were not oak, and had a finish on them that might resist, so they were rubbed with deglosser. The newly stripped top was very dry, so I smeared tung oil on some of the edges and spots that I hoped would then resist and chip. For once, milk paint did what I told it to do. The legs chipped a little and the paint resisted soaking into the oiled spots! This is, to me, the perfect level of natural looking wear.

Turquoise Antique Dining Table2

Before Hemp Oil Finish
Before Tung Oil
After Hemp Oil Finish
After Tung Oil

Turquoise Antique Dining Table4

The finishing touch was tung oil, which actually gives the top some water resistance. More than that, though, it mellows the color and deepens it, darkening the wear spots as well. Makes it look like it’s always been this color, and certainly not a turkey anymore.

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Desperate for Teal: The Esperanto Dresser

Teal seems to be the color of the year where I am. I sell some of my pieces at the Brocante Vintage Market here in St. Petersburg, Florida. Some of us Brocanteurs (as we call ourselves) were speculating that it seemed whatever teal pieces came to the market sold pretty much right away. In order to try out that theory, I bought this piece.  Made by Drexel around 1970 from their Esperanto line, it was in pretty good condition, but dull, brown oak, which, as you know, I am not fond of. I thought it was perfect for a teal makeover.

Esperanto Dresser Before

The top was practically pristine, so I chose to temper the very bright teal with a refinished wood top. I toned the teal down just slightly with some stain wiped on and then off. The pretty, solid brass drop pulls polished up beautifully, and the white trim defined the carved wood on the drawers. A little distressing gave it even more interest.


Esperanto Dresser2

Esperanto dresser 3

Esperanto Dresser 4

Not surprisingly, it did not hang around long. Another teal dresser quickly found a home!
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Flourish Dresser: Fanciful and Flirtatious

This beautiful antique dresser came to me in its previous state by way of a good friend. He lives in an historic, charming building in downtown St. Petersburg with a rather charming custom. Whenever a tenant has an item to sell, he or she can leave it in the basement of the building with a note on it with the price. When my friend saw this great set, he sent me a photo, and I dashed over to see it, not really believing my good fortune. The details! The matching mirror! The matching bed! And all in pretty good condition, just scratched and scraped and missing veneer. All I had to do was leave a check in a little box nearby, and it was mine!

Flourish Dresser before

Very large, with very sweet details–carved flourishes, stunning original hardware, elegant mirror, and carved legs! This piece needed a statement color, so I chose this greenish teal color, with white top and trim and distressing. No subtlety, no blending in for this girl–she wants your attention. So here she is now:

flourish dresser 4

flourish dresser 1

flourish dresser 5

She’s in my shop, and if she’s still around in August, she’s going to the Brocante, St. Petersburg’s monthly vintage market, first weekend of every month!
UPDATE 8/2013: Before she could ever get to the Brocante, she was snapped up and shipped to Atlanta, where she now resides!

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