City Girl Arts: My Passion is Creativity

I’ve always craved creativity. My mother taught me how to sew early on, and I added to my interests and skills on my own as life went on. I took up painting canvases and then furniture. Then I discovered upholstery. Not just any upholstery, though. My hands longed for the kind of skills that old-world artisans practiced with springs, burlap, twine, wood wool, cotton, horsehair, tacks and hand stitching. It’s like sculpture to me. After initial training with a master upholsterer and studying countless old books on the fine craft of what is known as traditional upholstery (no foam, and natural, time-tested materials), I have set up my business to design and craft seating pieces upholstered in the old-world manner on the inside, but with colorful, bold outside coverings that make a modern, artistic statement. These are functional, durable works of art. Below are a few examples.

Upholstered Vintage French Side Chair

Italian Carved Fireside Chair in Designer Contrasting Velvets

French Shield Back Chair Fronts

Kidney Bean Settee in Designer Velvets and Down-Wrapped Cushion

Gilded Chair French

French Houndstooth Chair with Leather Accent

In addition to creating these pieces for sale, I take commissions. If you can imagine a piece taken from history, built up inside with natural, sculptural materials, and topped with fascinating fabrics, contact me; I’ll make that for you. I keep an inventory of lovely vintage chairs, or if you have a favorite you’d like to redo in the traditional manner, I’m your City Girl.